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Germs Do More Than Make Your Baby Sick

Have you ever thought about what the bacteria on your baby’s bottle or pacifier might be doing to her teeth?  For most of us that worry about germs, we tend to think about the Swine Flu, RSV and other infections that can be very serious for babies.  What we don’t worry about, is how those germs might affect the developing teeth in your baby’s mouth.  The ADA recommends that “if your child uses a pacifier, provide one that is clean — don’t dip it in sugar or honey, or put it in your mouth before giving it to the child.”

By giving your baby a pacifier you have put in your mouth, you introduce bacteria that can lead to tooth decay.  One of the best things you can to do for your child’s future teeth is to clean and sanitize any bottles or pacifiers he will use.  For more great tips on keeping your child’s teeth healthy, visit the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry website.






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